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Loki riding

What is left unsaid...

This piece taught me that ambiguous endings are sometimes the most memorable of them all.



Ambiguity Rocks

At least to my mind it can, and alweays has imho...with that in mind, I've written at least two fan stories which have ambiguous endings, for which I offer NO apology, and I also have written several "mainstream" or OC-type fic...none of it published, of course, but in two of those the ending is very much "in the air" and left for the readers to cap.

There's a certain kind of beauty, very haunting, to an "open" resolution.
Interesting. Never heard the song before, but my interepretation was different from the version in the comments, so yes, ambiguous works well here.
"Ode to Billy Joe" was hugely popular in the 60s, and I remember reading all sorts of interpretations as to what it might mean. The songwriter, wisely, never gave any further explanation.