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Loki riding

Fanzine stories recently posted to ksarchive.com

As part of the project to post fanzine stories to ksarchive.com, with the permission of the author, the following stories have recently been posted.

My thanks to Mary Crawford, Morgan Dawn, Khiori, Nancy, Muriel Perun and Carolyn Spencer for their help in getting these stories scanned and proofread.

A PS: “The Hustler” is one of the very first “Kirk as a prostitute” stories ever written.

All This Time by M.E. Carter

Summary: Follows the events of "Galileo 7". Commissioner Ferris continues to be a problem after the shuttlecraft crew is rescued when he tries to bring Kirk up on charges, convinced that Kirk’s actions were due only to his affection for his first officer. Originally published in 1999 in the print fanzine Beyond Dreams # 1.

Rating: NC-17
Word count: 23943


CONVALESCING by Charlotte Frost

Summary: Spock almost dies from a Vulcan "flu" and while Kirk nurses his bondmate he deals with running the Enterprise, along with the problems caused by a crewman’s crush on Spock
Originally published in 1987 in the print fanzine "As I Do Thee" # 8.

Story Type: Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: NC-17
Trope: Hurt Spock
Word count: 15919

THE HUSTLER by Courtney Gray

Summary: Cadet Spock decides to investigate a well-known pleasure house where he buys the services of a young man who turns out to also be a starfleet cadet. Originally published in 1981 in the print fanzine "Out of Bounds".

Story Type: First Time
Warnings: None
Word count: 11785

LENDING A HAND by Dana Austin Marsh

Summary: Just as Kirk and Spock declare their love and plan on becoming lovers, a series of flu strains hit the Enterprise, making time alone together impossible. With thanks to Jenna Sinclair. Originally published in 2001 in the print fanzine Beyond Dreams # 3.

Story Type: First Time
Rated: Mature Content
Universe: ST:TOS Original Universe
Word count: 3133

TO HE WHO WAITS by Mara Lyn Cade

Summary: Spock waits in Kirk's cabin to surprise his new lover. Originally published in the print fanzine Naked Times # 17 (1987). Inspired by Marilyn Cole’s cover for the print fanzine "Naked Times" # 11 (1986):

Trope: Bottom Spock
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bondage
Word count: 1835


OMG, The Hustler was one of the first K/S stories I ever read! Ah, memories... ;)
Memories indeed! :-D A lot of people bring up The Hustler as one of the earliest K/S stories they ever read - it sure made quite the impact on the fandom.
Seconded! I'm so happy to see The Hustler on-line. :)
And no one's more surprised than me, lol!

Thanks for creating the K/S Archive and giving my story a place on it!
Hey & hugs! I was just about to email you and let you know about this particular thread.

Killa created the archive and did an awesome job with it. We owe her tons of thanks. (She also commented to this post.)
You guys are beyond awesome. ♥
{{{{hugs}}}} :-D And thank *you* for the wonderful archive.
And thank you for all the hard work and giving us old timers a beautiful place for our stories!
You're welcome! So many people make it worthwhile. :)
Thank you for creating the archive. :)
I also recently posted M.E. Carter's novel Worlds Apart to the archive, but forgot to mention it here. More to come!
Oh, nifty! Thank you for posting this!
You're welcome. :-)
Loki riding

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