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Nimoy Quinto

Where were all the fan boys?

The Star Trek Reboot movie is showing for a week in certain IMAX theatres, and I went to see it today with six other K/S fans. We had a wonderful time - of course! - there's nothing like that huge screen and that great sound.

I couldn't help but noticing that that the audience was 3/4 women. Fangirls rule!


Yippieeeh! I've never seen it on that big a screen, must've been magnificent. I'm surprised at the lack of men, though, I do usually enjoy it when the fanboys geek out over ships, relationships and effects. :D
Boy yes, seeing it on that large a screen was *amazing* - so much detail. I've seen it many times, and I still noticed new things on the IMAX. I still don't know where the fanboys were - I was really surprised by the lack of men.