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Holmes 2010

Sherlock Holmes 2010

A friend was asking for fic recs for Sherlock Holmes 2010, and I thought I'd ask my flist. She's not on LJ, but she found over 5,000 stories on fanfiction.net. I assured her that I suspected she'd find a better quality of stories on LJ, and so I'm hoping my flist can rec some fic for her.


Wordstrings and Verityburns.
I like Ellen Fremedon's Sherlock stories on AO3, but I don't have a URL handy.
Thanks; I'll send her there.

Sherlock (BBC 2010) Recs

There is a TON of fiction out there for Sherlock (BBC 2010), and like most exploding fandoms, there are some diamonds and far more dreck. There are some good rec lists though, which can help. There are popular tropes/genres in Sherlock that I thoroughly dislike for a variety of reasons (e.g. Sherlock is a true sociopath, Sherlock-Mycroft incest) so the annotations on rec lists are helpful in avoiding them. Of course, if a so-called rec list isn't annotated, I find it relatively useless unless I know the compiler and their tastes extremely well.

Without knowing what your friend is looking for in a story, it's difficult to make tailored recs. However, here are some LJ communities and rec lists that I've found useful. Your friend's mileage will vary depending on her own tastes.

221b_recs is a Sherlock Holmes Recs Community for all Sherlock Holmes versions and covers fiction, fan art, and vids. Offers a wide range but the skill of the reccers varies, so it is intermittently useful for me.

221b_recs - LJ Community

The Sunday Rec Posts at sherlockbbc are open to any reccer and are usually annotated. Earlier Sunday rec posts were wide open, more recent rec posts have a theme. While theme rec posts have their own pros and cons, I find the rec posts less timely since they have started having themes. Theme rec days tend to limit the number of recs and focus more on older stories. Though off-theme recs are allowed on theme posts, they seldom happen. Mods have started to emphasize that non-theme recs are welcome, so perhaps things will equalize a bit.

sherlockbbc - Sunday Rec Posts tag list

Shadow's list hasn't been updated since Sept 2010, but contains many of the early "classics" for Sherlock (BBC 2010).

iamshadow Sherlock Rec Post of Doooooom

J aka Not a Cypher's list was last updated July 2011. Like the format and the fact that she covers fiction, fan art, and vids.

not_a_cypher BBC Sherlock Recommendation List

J aka Not a Cypher also has a compilation of rec pages for Sherlock (BBC 2010).

Irisbleu's list of Sherlock (BBC 2010) stories that she recommends hasn't been updated since Aug 2010, but there are other recs in her LJ. It is a simple list with no comments so I can't really call it a rec list. I'm familiar with her tastes in Sherlock BBC, so I found the list useful but its utility for others is debatable.

Similar situation with tzikeh's list: not updated since late 2010 and primarily a list with only a few annotations. Again, I'm familiar with her tastes in Sherlock BBC and she lists her basic criteria as a whole, so it was useful. Also, there are some other rec lists listed in the comments.

tzikeh's BBC's Sherlock Sherlock-John recs

NOT a rec list but rather a newsletter, The Holmes News is an EXCELLENT collection of recently posted fiction, fanart, icons, rec posts, and more in all Sherlock Holmes fandoms (ACD, Granada series, Ritchie movie, Sherlock (BBC 2010), etc.). Notes which fandom and also WIP status/completed.

The Holmes News - LJ Community

Both these search communities are meant for specific story searches, but also allow requests for more general topics/genres/tropes, so they are worth a look even if someone is looking for a general topic.

Sherlock Holmes Search & Find's Journal - LJ Community

Sherlock Search's Journal - LJ Community

More Sherlock (BBC 2010) Rec Info

A few authors that I like. Alpha order.

cathedralcarver - New to Sherlock BBC (at least by LJ posting dates) but their work is worth watching out for. Lyrical, well-crafted.

irisbleufic - I'll give nearly anything she writes a chance and am seldom disappointed. Love her Good Omens fiction as well.

morganstuart - The Sofie series, despite being centered on an OC child (Sofie), has a well characterized Lestrade. Others hit-and-miss as morganstuart is a H/C fan and I'm not.

Unovis - Has LJ & DW, best best is to look at Archive of Our Own page

what_alchemy - I quite like most of their Sherlock stories, but not their Star Trek stories.

wordstrings is a darling of Sherlock fandom and apprears on nearly every rec list out there. I can appreciate the stories but only as original fiction since I find her Sherlock and John very OOC; her basic premise is that Sherlock is a genuine sociopath. However, I find her Sherlock Holmes (ACD canon) stories written under katieforsythe much more, well, in character and equally well-written.

There are a number of other authors worth checking out, but I've not the time at the moment to properly annotate, and I've established how I feel about simple lists. *g* Still, I hope the info above gives your friend a place to start.

Re: More Sherlock (BBC 2010) Rec Info

Thank you *so* much for all the info.
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