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Holmes 2010

Sherlock Holmes 2010

A friend was asking for fic recs for Sherlock Holmes 2010, and I thought I'd ask my flist. She's not on LJ, but she found over 5,000 stories on fanfiction.net. I assured her that I suspected she'd find a better quality of stories on LJ, and so I'm hoping my flist can rec some fic for her.


More Sherlock (BBC 2010) Rec Info

A few authors that I like. Alpha order.

cathedralcarver - New to Sherlock BBC (at least by LJ posting dates) but their work is worth watching out for. Lyrical, well-crafted.

irisbleufic - I'll give nearly anything she writes a chance and am seldom disappointed. Love her Good Omens fiction as well.

morganstuart - The Sofie series, despite being centered on an OC child (Sofie), has a well characterized Lestrade. Others hit-and-miss as morganstuart is a H/C fan and I'm not.

Unovis - Has LJ & DW, best best is to look at Archive of Our Own page

what_alchemy - I quite like most of their Sherlock stories, but not their Star Trek stories.

wordstrings is a darling of Sherlock fandom and apprears on nearly every rec list out there. I can appreciate the stories but only as original fiction since I find her Sherlock and John very OOC; her basic premise is that Sherlock is a genuine sociopath. However, I find her Sherlock Holmes (ACD canon) stories written under katieforsythe much more, well, in character and equally well-written.

There are a number of other authors worth checking out, but I've not the time at the moment to properly annotate, and I've established how I feel about simple lists. *g* Still, I hope the info above gives your friend a place to start.

Re: More Sherlock (BBC 2010) Rec Info

Thank you *so* much for all the info.