catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

Kung Fu (TOS) and William Shatner

A little while ago I bought the DVD of the 1st season of "Kung Fu" (1970s version) and loved it as much as I did when it was on originally. Now, as "instant gratification takes too long", to quote Carrie Fisher from "Postcards From the Edge", I don't want to wait until they get around to releasing future seasons on DVD; I want them now. Packrat that I am, I still have the entire KF series on Betamax tape.

I had an old beta machine - broken. Borrowed another - broken. Borrowed a third machine - success!

I'm busy copying them to VHS right now. It sure was a lot of fun watching William Shatner in side whiskers and lots of fluffy hair and Irish accent chew his way through the scenery in one of the episodes. He certainly had a grand time in this one.

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