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Spock Head Tilt

Vegetarian Klingon

Creation Entertainment just sent me an email about their upcoming big Trek convention in Las Vegas, which I won’t be going to this year. But that reminded me of the last time I went, a couple of years ago. I was several friends at the hotel’s buffet. There was a guy dressed as a Klingon filling up his plate with vegetarian food. A friend pointed out this was an odd dietary choice for a Klingon. He didn’t miss a beat. In full Klingon mode he belitted Terran food and claimed he had no choice but to be a vegetarian as there was no way to get a good plate of gagh on the planet.


Dude. That's hot.
Hehe. Great story! :D
Awesome. :)
This is why I love fans!
Same here. :-)
Our late friend Harry and Larry and I ate at Quark's Bar at the Star Trek Experience in Vegas. The Klingon waiters were hilarious. They kept asking Harry, "So, are you enjoying your incinerated cattle flesh?" I think the waiters were the best part of the experience. lol
I loved Quark's Bar! The waiters were the best. I can't remember specifics about the waiters who served my party, but the whole experience was a lot of fun.