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Holmes 2010


Got together with a group of slash fans yesterday to watch the whole first season of the BBC Sherlock - great fun! Half of us had seen it before, half not. We're already planning a get-together to watch the second season. (We did watch the first ten minutes of the first episode of the second season for those who didn't know how the cliffhanger was resolved.)


Ooooh, that 2nd season finale.
I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard all about it...!
Great icon!
Feel free to swipe it!
You are nicer than I am; I would have made them wait. ;)
LOL! Well, since I hadn't seen it either, I was fine with it. :-) I'll be catching up with season 2 over the next few days.
Isn't it awesome? Isn't it Isn't it??
Oh my god it so is. Am glad you enjoyed it!

Good to know you (or other's ) won't watch the 2nd season alone. Not advisable.
I wish I could beam in to join you!
I absolutely love it - awesome! Perfect description. We watched at the home of the woman you stayed with last year; we have slash parties every so often. Wish you could beam in to join us too! We will watch the 2nd season next time we get together if we have time for them all, because we also plan to watch Galaxy Quest. I will probably watch all three of the episodes before then - I've already been spoiled for the ending so I know what's going to happen.
It's really a great show. I'm rather sure there will be not more then three seasons and I think that's perfect.

Galaxy Quest is a perfect choice too - if you can, watch it after Sherlock. You all might need the cheer up.

And yes, when you already know what's gonna happen at least you're prepared. It hit me out of the blue and even though I saw the 2nd season just once, I can't rewatch it yet. Too intense.
Good thing there's ff but even that hurts.

Ah, we can chat at SL about it! Cooool.

Say hello to everyone for me!