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Misc and various vid recs

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here – June is the busiest month of the year at work, and I’ve also been busy finish up not one, not two, but three new TOS K/S fanzines – I’m finishing T’hy’la # 34 now.

Plus Shore Leave, plus RL, and now it’s mid-August – where did the summer go? Where did the *year* go?

Vid Recs

We Didn’t Start The Fire by fiercynn and scribe
One of the best multifandom vids I’ve ever seen, and one which tracks my own fannish involvement from TOS to BBC Sherlock with lots of passions and mild flirtations in between.

Starships by bironic
A multifandom vid featuring starships and their crew. Cool!

Keep Trekkin’ by Reese (Star Trek AOS)

Fire in Your New Shoes by sweetestdrain (The Prisoner)
Tags: misc, vid rec

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