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K/S stories posted to

As part of the project to post K/S stories originally published in fanzines (or posted to other sites on the web) to, the following stories have been recently posted with the permission of the authors:

THE ROAD NOT TAKEN by Brianna Falken
***Many thanks to Sarian for preparing the story.
Summary: After his argument with McCoy while in Kirk’s cabin, Spock orders the Enterprise out of Tholian space, sacrificing his captain’s life for the ship.
Originally published in 2004 in the print fanzine “First Time” # 58.

***Many thanks to CW for preparing the story.
Summary: When Spock and McCoy are injured and all three imprisoned, Kirk accepts the guard’s offer of freedom for the use of his body.
Originally published in 1982 in the print fanzine Duet # 5.

ABOUT TIME by J S Cavalcante
Summary: While camping in Yosemite, Kirk and Spock have an overdue conversation with McCoy.
Originally published in 1993 in the print fanzine As I Do Thee # 20.

DARE by J S Cavalcante
Summary: Spock would do anything to defend his captain, even humiliate himself by breaking the Vulcan customs that forbid emotional release. But once Spock's controls are undone, who will protect Kirk from the beast that lurks in the Vulcan soul?
Originally published in 2005 in the print fanzine T’hy’la # 25.

IDOL by J S Cavalcante
Summary: Spock found himself "strangely drawn" to Gary Seven’s black cat, Isis, in "Assignment: Earth." At the very end of the episode, we saw her as a cat-eared woman. She explains to us why, and demonstrates to Spock why he should go after his heart’s desire.
Originally posted as part of the 2003 Spock-Fuh-Q-Fest.

Summary: After retrieving Kirk from the interspatial rift of "The Tholian Web," Spock realizes his oath to Starfleet and his service aboard the Enterprise are in jeopardy because he has denied to himself—and withheld from Kirk—a certain truth about the nature of the Vulcan relationship called "t’hy’la."
Note: Part of the Kirk/Spock Online Festival. Published to the Yahoo group ASCEML on 11-03-00, and published in 2001 in the print fanzine Festival (Beyond Dreams Press).

TOUCH by J S Cavalcante
Summary: An answer to the “He’s gay, Jim” Challenge posted on the usenet group ASCEM (Alt.Startrek.Creative.Erotica.Moderated) in late 2000/early 2001
Originally published in the ezine Side by Side 2 November/December 2001
Tags: k/s fiction, kirk/spock

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