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KS Street Scene

How cool is this? Pluto's newest moon is named Vulcan

Pluto's newest moon is named Vulcan with just a "bit" of help from Trek fans...


***'Thank you to all who voted!' Shatner said in a tweet once the tally was complete.

***Actor Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed Spock, joked: 'If my people were emotional they would say they are pleased.'

And hey, my 2nd choice, Cerberus, won as well.


This makes me happy. :D
Same here. :-D

Vulcan (Pluto's New Moon)

AWESOME & EPIC! I voted for 'Vulcan'! So amazing to be alive, at this moment, to experience and be a part of this! LLAP!

Re: Vulcan (Pluto's New Moon)

So awesome indeed! Love your icon!

Re: Vulcan (Pluto's New Moon)

Thanks! (About my icon.) Love yours, too! Kissy kissy!
I voted! And I love that this is a thing. :)
:-) (And I was surprised to find out that "Romulus" is already a part of our solar system...!)