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KS Alternative Factor


I'm going with a group of about 10 people tonight to see STID again. About half of us have seen it, half have not. 8 slash fans, 2 gen. Everyone who has seen it loved it and we're looking forward to catching all the details we missed the first time. I'll be curious if the gen fans like it as much as the slash fans do.


Have fun!

I saw it with my slash friends, and there were very obviously other shippers in the audience. It was funny: you'd hear a girly sigh or a YEAH at certain parts and then a self-conscious laugh when someone else agreed with them.

I'm going to be seeing it again next week - this will be the first time I won't be totally surrounded by slashers (just two of them, versus 10!). I'll be interested in audience reaction.

I'm enjoying it more each time I see it - I'm picking up on so many things I missed the first couple of times.
I really loved it. It worked on lots of levels, lol!
It does indeed - there's a lot to love. I'm going again in a few days.
I liked it all, apart from the overdone combat scenes.
All the explosions, etc., were overdone, but it's my understanding that the emphasis on action sequences was done to attract more "overseas" business, because action movies sell so well in the world market. They included plenty of scenes I enjoyed, so I can live with all the combat scenes. At least when I go again, I know when I can step out for a minute...