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Sookie Stackhouse and why I like spoilers

I love spoilers and often read the endings of books after I’ve read the first couple of chapters. (My reasons why are below.)

But I think I’ve outdone myself this time.

As a long time vampire fan, I’ve been listening to the Sookie Stackhouse books (I’m on book # 8) and watching True Blood (about to finish Season 2). I started both universes at the same time. It’s been fun experiencing these two parallel universes simultaneously and enjoying the points where they diverge and the ones where they converge.

I heard the last novel in the series had been published, so off I went to Amazon for spoilers. Wow!

From the very first book, I’ve had one particular “ship” in mind for this series – but I never once thought the author would go there. This was going to be my private fantasy AU head canon. But wow – the author went there. I’m a bit stunned. With all the different guys Sookie’s been involved with (half the male members of the supernatural community, it seems), she winds up with the one I wanted her to be with.

It’s all in the telling, of course, and with five books worth of twists and turns between me and the end I may or may not like the end as much as I expect to. But that’s OK. I’m enjoying the ride right now.

And speaking of my favorite book character, thank you, “True Blood”, for showing him frequently in the nude. Much appreciated.

(And thank you, “True Blood”, for not killing off Lafayette; he’s my favorite TV character.)

Why I like spoilers:

1. I hate surprises
2. I’m an editor at heart. I love seeing how stories are structured, and knowing the end allows me to see how the author crafts the story. I get almost as much enjoyment out of witnessing the craft of writing as I do out of reading a really good story. And that’s a lot of enjoyment, in both cases.
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