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Scott & Suzy Rosema need your help

(from their GoFundMe page
Sharing Our Art through Tough Times

This last 3 years have been a rough period for us. We've lost our business storefront, 3 family members have died, had to move out of our home of 30 years and filed bankruptcy. We continue to take whatever jobs we can find and work on getting ourselves back up on our feet. We're artists by trade and creating and sharing our art, in what free time we get, is what drives us to struggle on.

Currently we have an immediate need for a modest nest egg to see us through the winter. We live in my wife's parent's home (one of the deaths we endured) and it's furnace needs replacing. Our car is in dire need of seasonal maintenance so it can last the winter (and we can still drive for work). A source of extra income is doing our artwork. This money we are asking for will help tremendously in seeing us through the coming months and help set us on certain paths to get going again. (Business classes, point of sales opportunities, supplies, food, etc.)

We're both very dedicated workers and consider the help we ask for and hopefully recieve as a true honor and blessing from all of you.

Here is the link to our art:;type=3

Please ask us any questions of us that you may have. Again, our sincere thanks.



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