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Felix 3

Just when I think I've seen everything... dinosaur porn

And I understand there are other titles in the series... (Be sure to read the comments...!)



Hilarious! Almost makes me want to read one.
I'd read it for free...! ;-)
Those comments are gold! And the titles! I tried to read the preview, but I gave up after the umpteenth mention of "big lizard"... good grief.

The best thing was this comment: Don't worry, it's not bestiality because she's a dinosaur too. At the end of the book, you learn she's a Mega-Sore-Ass...

I actually LOLed.
I LOLed at the exact same point you did. :-D
All I can say is O.M.G...
Yes. That says it all...
Ha, ha! Isn't that Rule 64 or something? ;)
This is the one I saw that cracked me up the most:

Fifty Shades of Paleontology (Billionaire Dinosaur Erotica)

And the reason for that crack-up? Suzan and I were pondering how a dinosaur becomes a billionaire. Marcia's ever-so-logical deduction: he probably invested in petroleum and oil.

OMG, "Fifty Shades of Paleontology" - Marcia's deduction is doubtless correct. ;-)