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OK, I've just seen "Thor: The Dark World" and I need some fic....!

I liked the first Thor movie. A lot. But I didn't feel any particular need to read much fic (I did sample a few) until right now, because I can't get the second movie out of my head.

I'm reading fic by Astolat right now, but I'd love some more recs... :-)


One shouldn't answer a question with a question . . . but where is the fiction by Astolat?

Astolat's fic is on archiveofourown.org. She's written in a lot of fandoms.

Here is (an incredibly long) link to her Thor stories (hope it works). If not, you can do a search by author and fandom and it will narrow it down just to her stories in that particular fandom.

I just finished reading "Revelations" - loved it (despite it having a trope I'm usually not interested in - but as it happens this trope is canon in Norse mythology, so what the hey).

I'm glad to see she has so many stories in this fandom; I'm going to start reading another tonight.

I'm looking for Thor/Loki. Pre-Thor2 fic is perfect, since I've only read a handful of Avengers and Thor fic up until last Thursday (and have been reading exclusively Astolot since then, since I knew her work from other fandoms). But I'm going to run out of her stories soon, so if you have any recs for this pairing, that would be wonderful. :-)