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KS Alternative Factor

Shatner Rules

Very old news, but I finally got the audio version of "Shatner Rules" from the library to listen to on my commute. Lots of anecdotes, some very funny, some less so. I liked his long-running gag about YouTube. And then he briefly brought up fan fiction and slash.

He mentioned kirk/spock. He mentioned denny crane/alan shore. He mentioned T.J. Hooker/???? and said "I guess I had a way with a nightstick." And then he said he hoped no one ever slashed his character from the Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" with the gremlin on the wing.

Since this book came out in 2011, I think the chances are good that someone has actually done this.

(If you haven't read his quote, Google "shatner nightmare at 20000 feet slash" and it'll bring up a link to a google books with the info highlighted. And no, I didn't find any actual Twilight Zone slash for his character in that ep, but I'd still bet it's out there.)


Only he would go there. *g* Thanks for the morning smile. After hearing that Lewis Collins died, I needed one.
(apologies for long delay in replying)
It was such a shock to hear about Lewis. Way too young...

And yes, this is *so* Shatner.
Oh, heck--you know fans. If it moves, they'll slash it. If it doesn't move, they'll animate it and *then* slash it.


RIP, Lewis. We will miss you.
(apologies for long delay in replying)

Absolutely true! ;-)

RIP Lewis. Such a shock to hear of his passing.
Sounds as if he has a good working understanding of Rule 34.
(apologies for long delay in replying)

He sure does... ;-)
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