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Loki riding

"Original Characters"

I’ve been working on an AU K/S story for what seems like forever. Today I suddenly realized how real one of my original characters had become to me when I heard a song on the radio ("One Headlight” by the Wallflowers) and realized that song suited my OMC perfectly.

Has that ever happened to anyone else?


I sort of cheat when it comes to major OCs; by matching their features and/or personality to a character in a series or a book, I've already got a pretty good idea of who they are. They're already "real" to me when I start writing the story. But I know what you mean; by the time I finished "Family Matters," Kirk's family was very real to me. But what's strange is that I wasn't seeing Sam and Aurelan the way they were in the episode. I could never imagine Sam as "Kirk with a mustache."
I've had several people tell me they use this technique - mentally 'casting' an actor they like as their original character. I'm trying it myself, in this current story, and it's really working well. It's so much easier to visualize an original character if there's a ready-made face to go along with him/her.

The OMC I mentioned in my original post is supposed to somewhat resemble Gary Mitchell, only with red hair. So that was easy. But I also have an original female character in this story, and I really couldn't get a handle on her until I started visualizing her as Ripley, only a Ripley who is 30 years older and who never met an "Alien".

Kirk's family in "Family Matters" was very real to me, as well. You have a real gift for creating setting and exploring interpersonal issues and making it all very vivid and immediate. And, oddly enough now that you mention it, I visualized the characters in your story differently than how they were portrayed in the actual episode, particularly Sam. Though I do think I was visualizing a younger Aurelan, with the same general look as the actress who portrayed her in the episode.