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I bet all the insurance companies have gone out of business...

I've been watching a lot of superhero movies in the past few years. Considering how often supervillains and alien invaders and superheroes themselves, as collateral damage, trash large portions of major cities, insurance companies must all have gone out of business. I wonder how they finance the rebuilds?


Tony Stark covers New York and Bruce Wayne's got Gotham's back!
That works! Billionaires are the only ones who could afford to cover tabs that big. Though, with all the mayhem that goes on, they're probably down from billionaires to millionaires by now... :-)
I remember thinking along those lines during the looonnnggg and boring fight in the new Superman movie. There was probably more damage done to the city during the fight then during the rest of the entire movie. This relying on special effects, rather than a coherent plot, to make a movie popular, is getting out of hand.
Those long actions scenes can get pretty boring. I fell asleep during some of the action scenes in the three most recent Star Wars movies.

I didn't go to see Man of Steel - but it did made me realize I'd never seen Superman Returns, so I netflixed it. Meh. Is it worth netflixing Man of Steel?

New York is rapidly approaching Tokyo for the "City Most Damaged in Movies" title... :-)
The latest Man of Steel wasn't bad. Wasn't fantastic, or anywhere near as entertaining as the Reeve movies, but it's probably worth watching. I have Superman Returns, but for some reason have never watched it—maybe because I do keep hearing that it wasn't very good. *g*
They probably just started putting in a superhero clause like the Act of God clause, or make certain metropolitan areas pay for extra riders for superhero damage. ;)
LOL, I'm sure they did. Insurance companies would never cover that type of damage. It makes me wonder what sort of social changes would occur im a world where superheroes existed.
That made me laugh, hehe! It's something I never would've considered before. Sure, the superhero billionaires have no trouble covering their own bills but I also can't quite see them covering everyone else's...
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