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Loki riding

Fic Post: Christmas Spirits / TOS / 2013 K/S Advent Calendar

Title: Christmas Spirits
Author: Catalenamara
Beta: Danielle Stewart
Series: TOS
Rating: NC17
Length: 4542 words
Warnings: None
Summary: On the night before the big holiday celebration on the Enterprise, Spock is visited in his dreams by three people. Any resemblance to “A Christmas Carol” is strictly intentional. Title and story concept by Danielle Stewart.
On ksarchive.com
On AO3

This story is part of K/S Advent 2013.

Whew! Got it done!

Posted to LJ and Dreamwidth. Comment wherever you prefer. :-)


Lovely story, Kathy!
Thanks so much! :-)
What a lovely story! I wasn't certain how it would end, so I was a bit nervous about continuing, but I should have known better. Together, as they should be.
Thanks! I don't do unhappy endings very often, and, of course, "A Christmas Carol" always ends well. :-)