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Lady Loki

I hear fanboys are an uproar over the concept of a female Thor....

I hear fanboys are an uproar over the concept of a female Thor.


This being Marvel, of course it's been done before:

This is from a 1978 comic book AU story - Jane Foster gets Thor's powers and becomes "Thordis":


(I don't have a female Thor icon (yet) so guess I'll go with Lady Loki instead, since of course Marvel has done that too. Of course Loki was a gendershifter in Norse mythology so that wasn't all that much of a reach for Marvel.)
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So, when they changed Loki into a lady it wasn't permanent? At least he was a shapeshifter, so it made a bit of sense. But this doesn't to me, for them to tinker with a popular character like that. Why not create a new, female character? It's not as if Marvel thought up Thor. I'm not a big Marvel fan, so it doesn't really make much difference to me, but, as I said, it seems sort of odd.
The female Thor is going to be in an upcoming series where, apparently, Thor himself is now unworthy of Mjolnir, and a woman has taken up the hammer and has been transformed into a thunder goddess. What will happen with the real Thor - who knows? I have every expectation he'll be back at some point. (Marvel had a series awhile back when an entirely different thunder god replaced Thor, and no one, except for Loki, remembered Thor ever existed. My guess is this upcoming series will probably run for the same number of issues.)

They haven't released a lot of details yet about the new "Thor". I don't know if this series will run concurrently with the "Original Sin" series; there's currently a Thor spinoff of that series running with Thor as his very male self.

Marvel is doing a big shakeup in the Avengers comic books right now. From the announcements (see below), Steve Rogers is retiring as Cpt. America and "Falcon" is taking over the costume. Tony Stark is getting a new costume, and from the sounds of is going to be a villain for a time, probably possessed by an evil force.

Here's some more info/speculation: http://popwatch.ew.com/2014/07/16/marvels-avengers-now-captain-america-is-black-thor-is-female-iron-man-has-a-new-suit/

Loki was "Lady Loki" in the J. Michael Straczynski series a few years back - he wasn't shapeshifting into female form (though he does that a lot in the myths), but something else entirely. In subsequent storylines in various titles he's been de-aged to a child, then re-aged (?) to a teen, and then to a young man in the current "Loki: Agent of Asgard".
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