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Help Two Longtime Fans Relocate

Help Two Longtime Fans Relocate

Fan artist TACS (aka Carole) and Laura Peck wrote and published fanzines for decades under the name of AMC Press. They also helped organize several fan run conventions in the 1980s-90s. They now need help to move. The good news is that they have found a place that is much cheaper and that will allow one of them to pay for their medication. The bad news (or the "how can I help" news) is that they need to raise funds to actually make the move. Their situation is explained here.


Forwarding as appropriate permission granted. Thank you for taking time to read their information.


Thank you for sharing this, Kathy!
It looks like their gofundme is doing very well - good news! I have some of Laura's Shatner pics left over from Shore Leave so I'm going to announce them on lists and see if I can raise a bit more money for them.
very happy to see their campaign going so well. times are so damned hard right now, even as the news fills up with self-indulgent celebrities spending lavishly, lots of us are dead flat broke on our good days.

TACS gave me much great enjoyment over the years -- I'd comment there directly but am not on Facebook at all. but here's my best wishes for the campaign to succeed, and for their life to get mellower and more pleasant again.


Edited at 2014-08-20 07:03 am (UTC)
I'm so pleased to see it going so well too; they're almost at their goal. I have some of Laura's Shatner pics to sell for them; I'll be posting information tomorrow. What you said re celebrities spending lavishly. Every day I read the LA Times, and the second page always has a column, often about poverty and unemployment, while the ads surrounding it are for Rolex watches, Tiffany jewelry, and fancy crystal. Disgusting.

TACS is so talented - she always did such wonderful work.
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